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MLM Training - MLM Secrets to Keeping Your Downline Motivated
by Doug Firebaugh

Network Marketing Motivation.

MLM Motivation.

Two very misunderstood concepts. The average network marketer today wants to keep their team motivated and FIRED UP! That is normal, as you always want them to be mentally and psychologically elevated for Success in Network Marketing.

But here is the challenge:


You CANNOT motivate anyone to Success.

They must motivate themselves. We waste so much time, even a lot of mlm trainers that teach motivation, trying to get the team and people pumped up, juiced up, jammed up, onFire and motivated. That may happen in the moment from the excitement, but it quickly fades.

Keeping your team motivated and ignited simply is not going to happen unless you follow the Rules of Reality in MLM Motivation. These rules are based in reality, not hype, and honesty, not empty enthusiasm.

Ok…what are the 5 Rules of Reality in Network Marketing Motivation?

1) You MUST INSPIRE, not just Motivate.

The greek definition for INSPIRE is “breath within.” This means that you must create within the person the “breath” of confidence and energy that they can connect to and embrace.



You must be the role model and guide to show your mlm folks that you are worthy of following, and are a leader. Do what you ask them to do, and do it BIG. Show them that you believe in what you are saying, and you do it daily in MLM.

And through your actions and words, let them “breathe” that Leadership into their hearts, and keep them inspired and wanting to follow you into a greater life of Success in MLM.

2) You MUST Praise, not just Promote.

Praise is the secret weapon to motivating people. Many times, we will promote and recognize the new folks who went up a pin level, and that is important. But praising someone for a valiant effort that may have had little results will motivate many times 10 times more.


People will always appreciate being appreciated for the effort, not just the result. Motivation must have a foundation of praise and recognition. If you have that foundation and praise and recognize your people for their efforts as well as results, you will find that there will be more pin levels to celebrate.

3) You MUST pour into them what has been ignored about them.

Most people never get much of any encouragement. That is our job in MLM. We must encourage those who not only need it, but all who are on your team. There is nothing more motivating than the right word at the right time. A word of belief, or a word of “I am there with you” can go a long way in keeping people onFIRE.

You must pour into your team Big Thinking, Big Belief, Big Vision, Big Future, Big Life. You must constantly say the 4 most powerful words in network marketing: “I believe in you.”

If you pour into the person what has been ignored most of their life, they will follow you wherever you go, for the rest of their life. They will become ‘addicted” to your encouragement and the promise of hope that they feel from you.

4) You MUST introduce new Success ideas and Bigger Possibilities into their heart.

New ideas that enlarge a person are worth their weight in gold in MLM. Have you ever seen someone get ignited when they had an “aha” moment? You need to become the “aha master” and continually introduce new Success and possibilities into their life. Most jobs and family cultures are limited and shrink most people’s dreams. Enlarge your teams’ dreams.

The Million Dollar question:


Ramp your team up with some Success ideas that will expand and enlarge their brains beyond where they have ever been! Suggest Success books to read and CDs to listen to, and take them to empowerment seminars. Get them around millionaires in your upline if you have any. Get them thinking HUGE.

5) You MUST give personal time and attention to those who deserve it.

Nothing motivates more than personal attention in Network Marketing. Focusing in on one person for a time, maybe over lunch or coffee, and pouring into them individually. Personal encouragement is a great way to give personal attention to folks.

Find out what is meaningful to them. Find out what they TRULY want in life, and listen to why. Discover what is important in life to them and why. Ask what they want to change more than anything about their life. Ask about family, kids, faith, hobbies, interests, etc.

Find out WHO THEY ARE.

Discover what trips their trigger, and get them so excited that they would be working 24/7 to get it. That is giving someone personal time and attention. It is worth it’s weight in gold.

You cannot motivate anyone. But you can inspire and pour into them so they will motivate themselves to create an MLM business that could make them wealthy.

Now THAT is true motivation in MLM and Network Marketing!



Doug Firebaugh is one of the top MLM Network Marketing Trainers in the world. Over a million people a month read his training ezine. He spent the last 7 years traveling the world speaking and training on Success. He lives in Birmingham Michigan, and you can receive a FREE subscription to his training ezine -The MLM Success HEAT- at: and
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